Quality IconQuality Assurance

Security Foods is AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL certified.

AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL are Australia’s leading provider of agribusiness auditing and certification. AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL audit food safety, animal welfare and social & ethical compliance. The auditors are all Exemplar Global registered and operate under internationally recognised quality management systems.

To find out more on traceability visit www.dairybeefalliance.com.au

JAS Accredited Meat Supplier: Quality Wagyu Beef

Value Adding IconValue Adding

We believe that it is extremely important to continually strive to add value to the entire carcass and offer products that suit our wide range of customers.

From our processing plant we are able to offer an extensive range of value added products for use from food service to retail.

Our range includes

  • Frozen mince
  • Diced trim packed 2.5kg to 10kg
  • Skin packed portioned cuts

Specifications IconSpecifications

Supply IconSupply

Security Foods can supply product:

  • To domestic or export locations
  • Either chilled or frozen
  • From a minimum of 5 cartons for domestic orders
  • Export by air-freight from 1.2 metric ton per consignment
  • Export by sea-freight in 20 or 40 foot, chilled or frozen containers
  • Halal certified
Vacuum Sealed Meat - Specifications

Packing IconPacking


Security Foods will not over pack cartons, or a container, to reduce freight cost. The integrity of our product will be maintained until it reaches our customer.

Each carton will contain the same cut type.



  • IW VAC – individually wrapped and vacuum packed
  • MW VAC – two or more items will be vacuum packed together
  • VAC packed
  • Tray or skin packed